The Federal Quota Competition has started

Admission through the Federal Quota Scheme

Foreign citizens, stateless persons, and Russian nationals residing abroad, who hold a Master’s or Specialist degree, may participate in the Quota Scheme for doctoral programmes.
Applications to state-funded places are accepted from April 10 till May 22, 2017.

Applications will be reviewed by HSE Doctoral schools during the competitive selection stage from May 23 till June 26, 2017.
Accepted candidates must provide documents required for admission to HSE before July 15, 2017.
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Nota bene!
If you are a foreign citizen who can not be accepted to a common competition for budget places with a Russian citizens * (see below), we recommend you to participate in the Federal Quota Scheme for international students. It is the only opportunity to study in the doctoral school of the Higher School of Economics without paying the cost of training.

 *Categories of foreign citizens who can be accepted to a common competition for budget places with a Russian citizens:
A) persons having the citizenship of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan;
B) stateless persons (having a residence permit in the Russian Federation);
C) compatriots living abroad (in accordance with Article 17 of the Federal Law No. 99-FZ of 24.05.1999 "On the State Policy of the Russian Federation with Respect to Compatriots Abroad"). Documents confirming the status of compatriot: any document of the applicant or close relative (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, confirming the birth in the USSR or residence in the USSR - passport, birth certificate).